Aerogarden Harvest vs. Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Aerogarden Harvest vs. Aerogarden Harvest Elite

Are you debating between the Aerogarden Harvest vs. Aerogarden Harvest Elite? The Elite is the “new and improved” version that recently hit the market, but are the improvements needed? Will they benefit you enough for you to pick a different model?

Aerogarden is for everyone, whether you have a green or black thumb. Maybe you have a brown thumb that you hope to turn into a green thumb. Aerogarden is the best solution for all sorts of garden issues. Since there is more than one on the market, you want to make sure you pick the right one.

So, when we compare the Aerogarden Harvest and the Harvest Elite, we have to look at their pros and cons. Then, we have to look at how they compare. So, let’s dive into it!

The Aerogarden Harvest Features

The Harvest is black and made from a durable, plastic structure. It typically comes with a pack of six herb seeds, but you can grow whatever you like as long as you follow the directions and grow them tightly together.

The Pros of the Aerogarden Harvest

  1. Great for New Gardeners
  2. This model is simple to use, and this one has an automated control panel. It comes with updated technology that does all the work for you, including turning the lights off and on. So, the ease makes it great for beginners.

  3. Comes With Improved Seed Pods
  4. This model comes with six pods that can grow up to five times faster than other models.

  5. Efficient
  6. It’s hard to ignore how efficient this model is. It’s compact so that you can use it on a countertop. It only requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, and both of the models use small amounts of electricity and water.

  7. Reduces Pests
  8. Since you use a hydroponic method of growing plants rather than using soil, it decreases the risk of pests.

  9. Control Over the System
  10. The Aerogarden Harvest gives you complete control over everything. The successfulness of the plants is based on the growing conditions, and that’s all in your control.

The Cons of the Aerogarden Harvest

  1. More Expensive
  2. The Aerogarden Harvest is an improved model itself that comes with higher costs. There is a higher price because it has developed functionality, enhanced systems, and better grow lights.

  3. Seed Pods Are Expensive
  4. The kit does come with seed pods, but once you use those pods, you have to buy other seed pods. The expense can add up quickly, but you will save some money on groceries.

  5. Loud
  6. Reviewers note that the pump on the Aerogarden Harvest makes a noise that is similar to a fish tank but louder. Over time, you might not notice it after it runs for so long, but the sound can be an issue for guests.

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite Features

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite is an improved version, and it has many reasons why people love it. Miracle-Gro added improved features that make gardening even more effortless.

The Pros of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite

  1. Easy to Setup
  2. Setting up the Harvest Elite is so easy that your child could do it. You don’t need any tools, and all of the parts come with the kit. Aerogarden includes all of the details in the instructions.

  3. Easy to Use
  4. It’s hard to argue with the easiness of this system. The control panel tells you when its time to add more water and nutrients. You don’t have to guess what your plants need. The unit also turns the lights on and off automatically.

  5. Improved LED Control System
  6. Miracle-Gro added a new and improved control panel. The system is tuned to its specific spectrum, so your plants get the maximum amount of nutrients. It also provides you with faster results and an abundant harvest.

    The LED system also means that you can grow more without additional costs. The 20-watt lighting system is power-usage friendly.

  7. Quiet Pump
  8. One of the improvements made to the Harvest Elite is that they used a quiet pump while running. If you don’t like the loudness of the original Harvest model, the Elite will make indoor gardening even more enjoyable for you.

  9. Larger Variety of Seeds
  10. The Aerogarden Harvest Elite comes with six pods, and it has a more solid option for seed kits. You can order the seeds on Amazon.

The Cons of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite

  1. Expensive Bulbs
  2. The instructions tell that you need to replace the two bulbs every six months. Those bulbs aren’t cheap, and Amazon gives you the best deal. However, the price is more than other LED bulbs.

  3. Expensive Water
  4. Believe it or not, you need to use a different type of water. You need to buy water in the store if the tap water is too salty.

  5. Seed Kits Are Costly
  6. Of course, no matter how you go about this, the Harvest Elite has expensive seed kits. The price of the seed pods varies from one site to another. The cost and the service depend on where you get it, but the amount that you pay is more than you’ll pay for standard seeds.

  7. Very Bright Lights
  8. One more thing to note is that if you have Aerogarden is close to relaxing somewhere; the lights are very bright. They use incredibly bright grow bulbs, and they’re bright enough to disturb your sleep. So, keep them away from sleeping areas.

Final Thoughts

Are you trying to justify the higher cost of the Aerogarden Harvest Elite? No matter which model you select, there are added costs, such as the grow bulbs and seed posts.

If you’re interested in a quieter model that comes with a more extensive collection of seeds and an improved control panel, then the Aerogarden Harvest Elite is for you, and it’s more energy-efficient than the original model.

If you want something that lets you grow your plants inside, then the Aerogarden Harvest will be perfect for you. Remember that it has a louder pump that you might find bothersome. Both of these models will grow you plenty of food inside of your home!

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